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Residential Re-Keying

Who needs to reinvent the wheel?

When you lose your house keys, panicking is a totally natural reaction. Getting someone to let you back in will be easy enough, but then you have to go through the inconvenience and expense of replacing all your locks, right? Wrong! AAA Lock & Key specializes in residential re-keying. We'll re-set your old locks and deadbolts to operate with new keys, so your doors and hardware stay intact, and so does your sanity.

Words to heed when you sign the deed

When you buy a new home, you might think your work is done when the realtor hands over the keys. Ask yourself who might have copies of those keys? Call AAA Lock & Key today!

There's no such thing as too secure

The standard doorknob and deadbolt set up may be sufficient for most people to feel protected. You're not like most people. Fortunately, we're not like most locksmith services. We've been installing high-security systems in homes and businesses in the Tri-State area for decades. Visit our office at 6806 Ringgold Road in East Ridge, TN, or call 423-892-5069 to make an appointment for an on-site consultation.

A lost or stolen key is an open invitation to potential thieves. Tell them they're not on the guest list. Call AAA Lock & Key today. 

We re-key garage door locks, too! 

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